Friday, January 21, 2011


There are many solutions which could make Jakarta free from traffic jam which haunt traffic in Jakarta every day. Busway or Transjakarta is one of many solutions which are applied by the government to release Jakarta from traffic jam. It’s not fully succeed, if cannot be said totally failed, in Jakarta because beside Jakarta’s road is narrow, the vehicle volume in Jakarta is also overflow in every work day, so Busway special line was often encroached by other vehicle, either other public transportation or motor cycle or personal car. In order that, after seeing that fact, Jakarta’s government should apply a rule about limiting the number of personal vehicle which are used in the work day in Jakarta to support. This personal vehicle limitation rule will also need to be supported with other policy. One of them is raise the parking rate, with this rule, beside can make the vehicle owner unwilling to use their vehicles; this also can increase the government’s revenue from parking sector. The second supporting rule is raising tax rate of personal vehicle especially import commodities in order to press the growth of vehicle ownership, especially for wealth family which, majority of them, had more than one vehicle, either car or motorcycle. Moreover, the Jakarta’s government, cooperate with central government, also has to develop other transportation system to be more modern. Many of other public transportation in Jakarta are old fashioned, either vehicle physics or its payment system or in other word its service. Jakarta’s government also ought to accelerate the construction of monorail and subway, which its blueprint had been done, which every big city in the world has this transportation system, especially subway. These all traffic jam solution in Jakarta has to be applied comprehensively not partially in order to get comprehensive result too not partial result.
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